A 4 Step Guide to Goal Setting in Entrepreneurship

A goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, result-focused, and time-bound.  It is also an aim or desired result. Natalie Bacon on the other hand sees goal as “the strategy and tactics you use to move toward your vision”.
As a young entrepreneur, your goal is the driving force behind your growth in business. It is the step you follow to achieve your vision. A business created without a set goal will end up failing. Therefore, having a set goal will allow you to achieve more in less time and make you better at what you do.
Here are 5 steps to follow when setting up a business goal:
1. Have a clear-cut vision for your business and ask yourself questions: where do you envision your business in the next 5-10 years? How wide do you want it to expand (business coverage)? How broad do you want your client-base to be? What other areas do you intend to focus on as time goes by? These are the questions you need to answer when starting up an enterprise.
2. Research on how to achieve your vision: read books, attend seminars and talk to successful people about your business of interest.
3. Map out a business plan on the steps to take towards achieving your vision: plan down to the smallest detail and activities required in realizing your vision. Breakdown your plan into years, months, weeks, days and hours. Every day,  Document your aims and goals and follow them; this will drive you towards achieving the tasks you set for yourself.
4. Focus on your goal: you must always think about your goals, dream about it and talk about it. Avoid procrastination and do things daily that draw you closer to the realization of your vision no matter how little the things may seem. you are most likely to achieve your goals of building successful business as long as you remain positive and determined.