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A chemist, writer, and founder of SciTech Africa with interest in science communication, entrepreneurship and agribusiness.

Student-led Entrepreneurship Clubs as a Better Entrepreneurship Development Tool in Nigerian Universities

Most universities in Nigeria have entrepreneurship centres or departments. These were established by the government to create entrepreneurs out of university graduates and boost job creation. The policy is meant to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial behaviours among students in various universities. These centres organise and coordinate classes on entrepreneurship studies […]

How Young People can Build Agribusinesses on Social media

Africa has a very young population with a median age of 19.4 years and over 60% below the age of 25. Unemployment is a big issue in Africa, especially among the youths. African youths are on the receiving end of bad government and leadership from the post-colonial era, as most of […]

The EYE Africa Conference Series: Data and Agricultural Decision Making by Nasir Yammama

The EYE Africa Conference Series is an online conference on Agriculture, organised by Emerging Young Entrepreneur Initiative (EYE Africa). The event held on the 30th of November, 2017 on WhatsApp is the 2nd in the series which was graced by two of some of the youngest big entrepreneurs in Agritech […]

The EYE Africa Conference Series: The Role of ICT in Agriculture by Lilian Uwintwali

The EYE Africa Conference Series is an online conference on Agriculture, organised by Emerging Young Entrepreneur Initiative (EYE Africa). The event held on the 30th of November on Whats App was the 2nd in the series; it was led by two distinguished individuals among the youngest and biggest entrepreneurs in […]

A Quick Look at Agricultural Project

The segmentation and execution of business operations or developmental programs of an Agricultural enterprise into smaller operational elements is a skill every Agripreneur should learn. This approach has been proven to be more effective in the execution of agricultural operations or programs as it allows for financial resources to be better expended to produce […]

Agriculture has evolved into a big business; what is Agribusiness?

Agriculture was often thought of as, ’Cows, Sows, and Plows’, ‘Weeds, Seeds, and Feeds’ but this notion has changed. Agriculture has evolved into a big business. It has gone from plowing fields, planting seeds, harvesting crops, milking cows and feeding livestock, into a business that extends far beyond the farms, […]

EYE Africa Signs MoU with African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN)

On Thursday, August 10, the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) hosted leaders of the Emerging Young Entrepreneur Initiative (EYE) at its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. Representing EYE at the meeting were the Founders, Dr. Hauwa Lamino Abubakar, Isaiah Bulus and Abubakar Abdullahi while the AAIN team was led by Chief […]

The Importance of a Business Plan in Entrepreneurship

In the classic novel ‘Alice in the wonderland’, Alice comes to a crossroad and asks the Cat; “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” replied the Cat. “I don’t much care where,” […]

​What You Need to Know About Business Incubators

A business incubator is a company or organization that helps new businesses and start-up companies to develop. Start-up companies lack various resources, experience and networks. Incubators provide services that help them to get through the initial hurdles in starting up their businesses. These hurdles include legal, financial, space, management training, […]