The Benefits of EYE Africa Program

EYE Africa is a NGO focused on empowering African youths to become successful entrepreneurs in agribusiness.

The bases of focusing on the youths are that African youths constitute the majority of the workforce of Africa and are the future of the continent, and if properly groomed and given a solid foundation, they will be the key to a future robust African economy that can compete favorably with advanced economies around the world.

Youths are the bedrock of any society and if they are directed towards self-dependency and are inspired to express their suppressed abilities, they can champion socioeconomic changes in the society.

The EYE Program gives special focus on youths in tertiary schools because at this learning stage, most African youths are still trying to figure out what or who they want to be in life. The EYE program attempts to mold their way of thinking towards considering and showing interest in entrepreneurship in agribusiness.

EYE Program is aimed at impacting, inspiring and motivating millions of African youths to venture into agribusiness and take advantage the various agricultural value chain opportunities that are available in Africa.

This will in turn bring about a positive ripple effects, which include:

  • Individual and community development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Capacity building
  • Employment opportunities
  • Social and economic empowerment
  • Economic diversification
  • Improved standard of living
  • Food security