EYE Africa Participants at the 1st Technology/Innovation Expo 2017 in Nigeria

The 1st Technology/Innovation Expo 2017, an exhibition event organised by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of Nigeria  took place at the Eagles Square, Abuja from the 3rd – 7th April 2017.

With an estimate of over two thousand innovative products on display from the over one hundred exhibitors at the Expo, it was a perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get relevant information on the technologies and research findings in their areas of interest. The events allowed participants in various sectors in Nigeria and Africa including research institutions, university institution, exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants etc. to show case their work. There were agricultural exhibitions and shows on agro-machinery, agro-processing and packaging technology, seeds, soil testing equipment and so on.

As part of EYE Africa’s Technology Transfer and Innovation Development program, EYE Africa team and EYE Africa Program (Nasarawa State Universty, Keffi  Chapter Cycle1) participants were at the event. The Participants had the opportunity to consult with researchers and engineers who are specialists in the agricultural sector of their interests.

The visit was an enriching experiencing, which allowed for interaction and learning. EYE Africa’s collaboration with Agro-allied industries will enrich participants with the industrial knowledge and experience they need to building a profitable business.