A Quick Look at Agricultural Project

The segmentation and execution of business operations or developmental programs of an Agricultural enterprise into smaller operational elements is a skill every Agripreneur should learn. This approach has been proven to be more effective in the execution of agricultural operations or programs as it allows for financial resources to be better expended to produce benefits over a certain period of time. These segments of operations or programs are known as Projects.

An enormous variety of agricultural activities may be usefully cast in a Project form.  Agricultural projects come in different forms and It could be a Project on irrigation, farm construction, agricultural credit scheme, agribusiness hub, agribusiness incubation, agricultural extension, etc., as well as for multi-sectorial projects with a major agricultural component. Often, these Projects form a clear and distinct portion of a larger-identified program, as it is better to keep Projects small and close to the minimum size that is economically, technically, and administratively feasible.

What is an Agricultural Project?

An Agricultural Project is a unique sets of coordinated non-repetitive agricultural enterprise, characterized by a clear and logical sequence of events, with a beginning, middle and end, focused on the accomplishment of a clear and defined objective on deadline, with costs, resources and quality parameters specified.  It is the smallest operational element, prepared and implemented as a separate entity in the plan of an agricultural enterprise or a program of agricultural development.

Every project has a life cycle that involves the sequence in the way that it is planned and carried out. There are many ways, all equally valid, in which this cycle can be divided. Traditionally, it can be divided into identification, preparation and analysis, appraisal, implementation, and evaluation.

Agricultural Project Management

An important aspect of agricultural projects is management. This is the methodical approach to the planning and guiding of project processes, from start to finish. Project management starts from project definitions and ends with goal achievement. It involves definition of specific goals, conditions, and responsibilities, budgeting & planning, monitoring of tasks and resources, identifying and resolving issues, and cost & budget control, for a specific project.